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Sian Gibson, Clinical Hypnotherapist (DCH)

Sian Gibson, female clinical hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy has a unique capability to help us understand and actually do something about things that we want to change, using the unique properties of the trance state and the power of our unconscious minds.

I like the fact that we can follow through on insights because it is possible to create change directly, using the focussed, relaxed trance state to revise our thoughts, emotions and experiences. The interlinked nature of our minds and bodies also means that hypnotherapy can address and affect both aspects of our experience, even if it is only focussing directly on one.

I am interested in the mind-body connection, and how to create and maintain a calm mind, in a relaxed body. And I believe that this ability is the foundation for health and wellbeing. Most of us were not taught how to shift into this state, but we can learn these skills, and start to get the benefits of being at ease, comfortable in our own skin.

I have a special focus on changing habits and behaviours, particularly Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs), such as hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking (dermatillomania) and nail biting (onychophagia). In 2016, I completed The TLC Foundation for BFRBs' VPTI professional training in BFRB-specific cognitive behavioural therapy (COM-B Model). I'm also interested in anxiety/fear reduction and prevention, and improving self-esteem and confidence, as these two factors are significant for the effectiveness and longevity of any change we make.

Mindfulness and its key insights (awareness and compassion) and how they can be of benefit in conjunction with hypnosis also figure in my approach. I do regular self-hypnosis and have a daily meditation practice, and am also interested in the therapeutic value of art work.

I see hypnotherapy as a partnership, where we jointly figure out answers that help you deal with your specific issue/s, in the context of developing solid self-awareness and reliance.

I'm a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist, holding a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from the London-based Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. I am also a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, and bound by its code of ethics.

For more information about hypnotherapy for making the changes you want, or to book an appointment, contact Sian on 07725 732810 or email.

...since the session, I've noticed a really dramatic change, especially with the tendency to pick & scratch my arms when I get anxious or nervous. It's like my hands just don't want to do it any more, instead they just glide over. It's a really amazing change!...
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...I found the sessions very useful, as I'm much more relaxed now and pulling my hair less and less. I was very nervous beforehand, but you put me at ease straight away. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the results: I feel more in control, my scalp is looking much better, and I even have some new hair growing back!...
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...I cannot thank Sian enough for helping me overcome my fear of speaking French. This resulted in me being able to enjoy a great holiday, unmarred by any major worry about speaking the language when required. I never thought that would be possible!...
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...since our last session over 5 weeks ago, I have carried on with the success from the first session, with only 2 nights of disturbed sleep in this period. This is an unbelievable change from sleep walking and talking every night for almost 20 years!...
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...I have to say that my recent therapy achieved far more than my expectations. After only three sessions, I have managed to put some very negative past experiences behind me, and I can already see huge positive changes in my outlook and ability to cope with anxiety and stressful situations...
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