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Hypnotherapy weight loss and changing eating habits

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Does you use food to make yourself feel better? Are you just too busy to eat healthy food in the right amounts? Do you loathe getting sweaty and breathless at the gym? Have you tried different diets, without lasting success?

There's no doubt that weight control is a growing health issue for much of the population, with rates of obesity and eating disorders on the rise. In general, we lead far more sedentary lifestyles than ever before, and have access to plentiful unhealthy food and drink. In addition, we are constantly aware of images of airbrushed perfection in the media, and the messages that success and happiness are directly related to our weight and how we look.

So, why does it seem to be so difficult to achieve and maintain a healthy weight? The main faulty behaviours and thoughts are:

  • distorted perceptions of what a healthy/desirable body looks like and how this affects how you view your body
  • dieting
  • low levels of physical activity/movement
  • unhealthy eating habits eg wrong type of food, large portions, eating too much, too fast, while doing other things eg watching TV
  • eating to satisfy emotional needs
  • low-self esteem which reinforces the vicious cycle: you feel bad about yourself, you eat to feel better, you don't exercise, your weight doesn't change, you feel bad about yourself, you eat to feel better....

The trouble is that although these thoughts and behaviours may seem to meet your needs in the short term, in reality they are unhealthy and negative and guarantee that you won't enjoy long term health and well being.

How hypnotherapy can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight

The good news is that hypnotherapy is very effective, both in the initial stages of weight loss and over the longer term. A wide range of research has shown that hypnotherapy helps people lose more weight and keep it off for longer, often doubling the amount of weight loss. For details of research findings about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for weight reduction and management, follow this link.

Hypnotherapy can help you develop all the skills and habits you need to achieve a healthy weight and well being: patience, discipline and self-confidence. And the more you eat healthily, increase your activity and learn to like yourself, the more you'll feel the benefits of the changes you've made, and find that you can easily continue creating a healthy weight and general well-being for yourself.

As a general rule, clients working on weight loss and changing eating habits see solid improvement towards their goals with between 3 - 5 sessions. I suggest that the first three sessions take place weekly to get you off to a good start.

For more information about hypnotherapy for weight loss and changing your eating habits, or to book an appointment, contact Sian on 07725 732810 or email.

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