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What can hypnotherapy help with?

Whatever you want to change, hypnotherapy can help you manage the three key areas of transformation: changing how you think, feel and respond, managing anxiety and stress better, and keeping up your determination and confidence as you start to incorporate these changes into your daily life.

Hypnotherapy is a shorter term therapy (as distinct from longer term counselling or psychotherapy), and is well-established as an effective way to resolve both mental/emotional and physical issues. With between 3 and 5 sessions, clients generally experience an overall improvement in mental and physical well-being, relief from specific symptoms and solid progress towards their goals.

As it usually takes about 28 days to establish a new behaviour, a block of three sessions (£230 total) provides an optimum duration in which to get changes underway and refine them, based on your response.

The first session lasts an hour and a half, and follow up sessions last an hour. I recommend that the first two sessions take place a week apart to get you off to a good start.

For more about how hypnotherapy can help you deal successfully with a range of physical, mental and emotional issues, see the information below, or contact me on 07725 732810 or email .

Change Habits and Behaviour

female hands with neat manicure Change habits like nailbiting, skinpicking and hairpulling, now. read more

Fear Management

anxious woman standing still in crowd Resolve anxiety, fears, phobias, and panic attacks, now. read more

Confidence and Self-Esteem

confident woman smiling Improve your opinion of yourself, and feel better in every way. read more

Stress Management

stressed woman with eyes closed and hand on forehead Get on top of stress, and feel good about yourself again. read more

Weight Loss

woman in jeans now too big for her Lose the weight, and be happier and healthier in your mind and body. read more

Stop Smoking

hand stubbing out cigarette Stop smoking now, and start living again, with the power of hypnosis. read more

Sleep Issues

woman sleeping peacefully Use the power of hypnosis to start sleeping well again. read more

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

woman with both hands over stomach area Putting you back in control, so you can deal well with IBS. read more

Confident Childbirth

confident new mother smiling with newborn on chest A powerful resource for being calm and in control during birth. read more