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F.W. (Hair Pulling/Trichotillomania; Skin Picking/Dermatillomania).

I am a 30 year old professional and at the time of my first meeting with Sian had rubbed my eyebrow for 12 years and by then had only a third of an eyebrow remaining on one side. The habit had become worse with time.

I can honestly say my sessions with Sian have changed my life. I have not rubbed my eyebrow at all since my first session (it has now grown back) and we progressed to addressing other habits, particularly picking my skin, and the underlying reasons for them.

Above all I feel more content, confident and comfortable in my own skin and Sian has equipped me with the techniques I need to continue to progress on my own.

R.H. (Nail Biting/Onychophagia).

Absolutely delighted with the results. After 29 years of compulsive nail biting I think Sian has helped me crack it in three sessions over six weeks.

In a safe and comfortable environment I've learned various techniques to stop biting my nails and prevent relapses. I cannot recommend Sian highly enough.

E.D. (Skin Picking/Dermatillomania).

Since the session, I've noticed a really dramatic change, especially with the tendency to pick & scratch my arms when I get anxious or nervous. It's like my hands just don't want to do it any more, instead they just glide over. It's a really amazing change!

I hadn't even thought of treating my skin picking because the impulse to eat and drink all the time was the most obvious sign of severe anxiety to me, so I thought that's what needed to be fixed. I figured I'd always be living with bad skin, but the unexpected benefit of hypnosis has been that I don't actually take out my anxiety on myself in this way any more, and my skin has visibly healed. I keep repeating your suggestions to my hands and it really works.

I'm so thankful for your help. I started my new job about 2 weeks ago and so far am pretty relaxed. The tools you gave me have made such a huge difference in my sleep and overall anxiety levels, as well as picking and scratching my skin.

S.R. (Hair Pulling/Trichotillomania; Nail Biting)

When I booked my first hypnotherapy session I was sceptical that I could break many years of habit in just a few sessions as other forms of therapy had failed before. Sian seemed to really listen and understand my concerns. I was able to benefit very quickly from our sessions which addressed my hair pulling and nail biting habits by providing practical solutions. I feel a lot more hopeful about the future.

F.P.(Hair Pulling/Trichotillomania)

I found the sessions very useful, as I'm much more relaxed now and pulling my hair less and less. I was very nervous beforehand, but you put me at ease straight away. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the results: I feel more in control, my scalp is looking much better, and I even have some new hair growing back!

S.K. (Nail Biting)

Just a quick note to say thanks, and that the hypnotherapy has worked. Since I saw you, I have managed not to bite my nails, and have had two manicures - keeping my nails nice has really helped stop the urge to bite. So far, so good, and hopefully things will keep on improving with my nails

K.M.(Anxiety and Fear of Speaking French)

I cannot thank Sian enough for helping me overcome my fear of speaking French. This resulted in me being able to enjoy a great holiday, unmarred by any major worry about speaking the language when required: I never thought that would be possible! I have already recommended Sian to a friend, and would not hesitate to visit her again should I ever need to.

F.J. (Fear of Heights)

Just wanted to say thanks for your help: I had no problem with any heights on holiday. I was ok with it all (climbing up and down, being high up, looking down) - really pleased!

T.M. (Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright)

My performance anxiety was so bad, I was really starting to wonder if I'd have to look at getting out of the industry. But I'm feeling so much more confident physically and mentally since we started working together. I don't shake anymore, and I actually look forward to rehearsals and performing live! The pre and post-performance routine we created has been great for dealing with whatever happens in a positive way.

A.A.(Anxiety and Fear of Closed Spaces)

I wanted to let you know how much better my anxiety and fear is. I don't sweat and shake anywhere nearly as much, and my journey to work is much less of an ordeal. I'm sleeping better and have more energy. I also find that doing the self-hypnosis for a few minutes every day takes the edge off, so I have a better chance of getting control back, if I do feel anxious.

J.C. (Fear and Pain Management)

Despite a lifelong fear of dentists, after one session of hypnotherapy, I was able to confidently undergo a tooth extraction procedure the very next day, feeling calm and relaxed. There was no sweating, no heart palpitations, or churning stomach. In fact, I was so relaxed as I imagined a peaceful place, it felt like the dentist was interrupting a lovely daydream! My teeth and gums healed fully and quickly, and I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to manage their fear.

M.D. (Letting Go of Past Experiences, Anxiety and Stress Management)

I have to say that my recent therapy achieved far more than my expectations.After only three sessions, I have managed to put some very negative past experiences behind me, and can already see huge positive changes in my outlook and ability to cope with anxiety and stressful situations.

I was slightly sceptical of hypnotherapy prior to my sessions; however, since my sessions I am left in no doubt that this type of therapy is extremely effective. Sian made me feel at ease and comfortable from the outset, and was extremely easy to speak to and confide in. Now that I know the positive effects of this treatment, I will be booking more sessions to iron out other insecurities and phobias.

W.F. (Building Confidence)

Our sessions have really helped me to understand how what I think and do affects my levels of self-confidence. I feel much less frustrated and overwhelmed, and am seeing a real difference in how I deal with situations I used to avoid, at work and with my family. I'm really starting to feel more at ease, comfortable in my own skin, and my family, friends and work colleagues are all feeling the benefits too.

L.B. (Building Confidence, Stress Management)

Having taken a career break to spend time with my child, I felt somewhat daunted by the prospect of finding a new job. Would my skills still be of interest to potential employers? What sort of company did I want to work for; and even more crucially, what had happened to the job market while I'd been running around the park and baking cakes?

After listening to my anxieties, Sian helped me to untangle my concerns and to focus on identifying clear goals. Through the relaxing hypnosis, she helped me break goals into smaller, manageable actions so I could see I was making progress. In subsequent sessions, I learnt self hypnosis which helped me feel more clear-headed and focused about using my time most effectively.

Sian's supportive and non-judgemental manner during the sessions enabled me to work out what I wanted and increased my confidence that I could achieve it. I now have a job which provides the ideal work/family balance. And the self-hypnosis technique continues to help me relax and stay focused whenever things get a bit stressful.

B.P. (Stopping Smoking)

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your help to stop smoking. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to stop this time, but somehow your practical advice and the power of hypnotherapy really worked for me. Before our sessions, it would've been impossible to imagine myself having a drink, socialising or treating myself without a cigarette: it was just who I was.

But, after our three sessions, I am really pleased to have found that there is another me that can do without smoking, and actually enjoy life with more energy (and money!).The self-hypnosis has been really good to keep me on track, especially when I get stressed at work, and it's fast becoming my new, free way to pamper myself too.

S.C. (Weight Management)

I've lost 13 pounds as of today, hurrah! I'm sort of more pleased with going down a dress size, and being able to wear clothes that have been too snug. Friends and people at work have commented on my sleek new look as well.

I also had a fitness review at the gym and they found my original measurements from when I joined the gym a year ago: in a year, I've lost 2 inches from my arms and also 2 from my thighs, 5 inches from my hips, and 6 inches from my waist - I'm pretty pleased! And I think my sessions with you were key in being more dedicated and changing the way I eat, think, exercise and approach things generally, so thank you very much indeed!!

R.K (Weight Management)

Just to let you know, I've felt so much better about my weight and life in general since seeing you. Amazingly, I've lost 7 pounds over the last 6 weeks, and found it much easier to say "no" to unhealthy foods, and "yes" to being more active and in control.

And I catch myself much quicker if I start to go into a downward spiral because I'm worried or stressed. It's tough sometimes, but I manage to keep going because the progress I've already made feels too good to throw away.

T.D. (Sleep Issues)

Since our last session over 5 weeks ago, I have carried on with the success from the first session, with only 2 nights of disturbed sleep in this period. This is an unbelievable change from sleep walking and talking every night for almost 20 years!

You've made a massive difference to my daily life: I'm not tired all the time, and I feel much more relaxed and confident, especially at work and when driving. It's a huge improvement for me and my longsuffering girlfriend - we can't thank you enough!

C.C. (Sleep Issues)

Since seeing you last, out of 34 nights, I have only needed to take sleeping tablets 6 times: two of these nights were when my husband was away and I was not happy being alone; and the other four nights, my son has woken me up and I have not been able to get back to sleep. This is such a huge improvement, I am feeling so much more positive about my sleep.

If I do have a tough night I feel like I can manage it, and I don't go into crisis mode! I still use the self-hypnosis exercises for around 15 minutes every night, and I am enjoying having that quiet time for myself. It's not perfect (I guess it never will be with a baby!), but it's such a huge improvement, I never thought it would be possible. You have honestly changed my life!