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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy: what are they?

calm woman in hypnosis

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. It involves a partnership between therapist and client to achieve the changes you want. We work together to relax your mind, so you can understand how your thoughts and feelings determine the way you experience your life.

And when you are relaxed in this way, it's easy to make the connection between your experience and your thoughts and feelings, and accept suggestions about other ways you can feel and think to achieve the results you want.

You are always in control of the session, and can snap out of the trance at any time, if you need to. You cannot be made to say, do or reveal anything against your will. You allow yourself to go into the trance, to the level you are comfortable with. You are normally aware of everything that is said and done in the session, and recall as much as you would from an ordinary conversation.

What is hypnosis?

The US Federal definition of hypnosis is "...bypassing the critical factor of the mind, and the establishment of acceptable, selected thinking." In other words, the hypnotic trance relaxes the boundary between the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind (critical factor), allowing suggestions that challenge and revise outdated beliefs to be made and accepted by the subconscious. For more detail about how the conscious and subconscious minds work, and how this makes hypnosis and hypnotherapy possible, see this link.

Everyone can go into hypnosis, though each person's experience of the details of the trance will be specific to them. Only extreme fear, lack of knowledge or (rarely) an inability to concentrate sufficiently, result in someone not being able to go into the trance.

In general, people experience hypnosis as relaxed, focussed awareness and absorption. It is similar to states you go in and out of through out the day, like daydreaming, listening to music, reading a book or watching TV, and the time just before waking up and going to sleep. It is also like the times when you can't remember the journey when you arrive at your destination, or the feeling that time has somehow disappeared when you've been concentrating hard.

How will I know I've been hypnotised?

For more detailed information on how tell if you're in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, see the FAQs.

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...since the session, I've noticed a really dramatic change, especially with the tendency to pick & scratch my arms when I get anxious or nervous. It's like my hands just don't want to do it any more, instead they just glide over. It's a really amazing change!...
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...I found the sessions very useful, as I'm much more relaxed now and pulling my hair less and less. I was very nervous beforehand, but you put me at ease straight away. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the results: I feel more in control, my scalp is looking much better, and I even have some new hair growing back!...
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...I cannot thank Sian enough for helping me overcome my fear of speaking French. This resulted in me being able to enjoy a great holiday, unmarred by any major worry about speaking the language when required. I never thought that would be possible!...
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...since our last session over 5 weeks ago, I have carried on with the success from the first session, with only 2 nights of disturbed sleep in this period. This is an unbelievable change from sleep walking and talking every night for almost 20 years!...
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...I have to say that my recent therapy achieved far more than my expectations. After only three sessions, I have managed to put some very negative past experiences behind me, and I can already see huge positive changes in my outlook and ability to cope with anxiety and stressful situations...
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